Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wipe Your Feet Really Good on the Rhythm Rug

So yeah it's been a while, I’d love to say I’ve been to busy but really I’m just far too lazy. Well I’ve been back up north for months now and since I left chi I’ve done bugger all. I signed on so I’m doing a bit of job seeking but only really enough to get my money. In reality looking for a job is made substantially harder when you have no idea what you want to do which is unfortunately the position I find myself in.

Well summers as good as over with the return of September but this is a new kind of September for it is the first since like 1991 that I haven't been starting a new year of education. It's the end of one of the most significant periods of my life and to be honest one I’m glad to see the back of, all that learning was getting me down now I can get to work forgetting it all. Although I’d gladly swap a testicle for another year of the student lifestyle as long as I didn't have to do any work.

Despite having no job and so no money I’m still managing to spend an awful lot of it. Got a new suit for graduation, it's the first one I’ve had that wasn't pieced together from various charity shops and it actually fits! Got a nice pair of shoes as well, the first since I left school vowing never to wear shoes again. I think 5 years wearing only trainers and work boots is pretty good going.

In another act of wreckless spending I got a new MP3 player. I lost the cable for my old one ages ago so instead of getting a new cable like a normal person I bought a whole new player and you can't have a new player without new music which luckily for my bank balance I didn't buy because I’ve been killing music for as long as I can remember (home taping was bad ass piracy). I'll do a music post later cos I really should go and get dressed, it's nearly 3pm and I’m still in my dressing gown and nightcap.


Alana said...

Miss you chicken, really great to hear you are doing so well and can't wait to see you at the grad ball! ^_^

James said...

Knowing what you're listening to lately and seen as only black people have rhythm I'm going to assume it's A Tribe Called Quest.

Also you should buy this

JB said...

It is indeed A Tribe Called Quest 'Can i Kick it?' from way back when hip hop wasn't just about money, guns and bitches.

That shirt is class, might just have to get me one of them.

Doug said...

The number of jobs I applied for prior to my Comet one was insane. About 10% of them were ones I could myself doing for more than 6 months, before I went totally batshit insane.
I must warn you, you'll only get JSA for 6 months, then you're out on your tod.