Monday, October 22, 2007

She's Lost Control

Why are Oasis fans so uptight? All i said was Oasis can't be the greatest band ever because their not even the greatest band from Manchester. No reason to get all defensive is there.

So aside from meeting deluded middle aged Oasis fans i've not really done anything of note other than develop an addiction to eBay once again. A sea of cheap DVDs and N64 games is currently flowing through my door. The crowning glory of this ocean of other peoples tat is a fully boxed copy of WWF No Mercy for the N64, it truly is the single greatest game ever.

Right thats your lot for now i've got some job applications to fill out on paper of all things, how retro!


Doug said...

I'm guessing by the title that the greatest band from Manchester is Joy Division. I'm not sure who I prefer, to be honest, but my favourite Mancunian band is definitely James. I used to love them and I still like pretty much all their songs. Good stuff.

Holly said...

I'm afraid the best N64 games will always be MarioKart or Goldeneye.