Sunday, May 27, 2007

Down The Road

Right so Uni is officially finished for me now, last essay went in on Friday but its really been over for 2 weeks. In the last two weeks people have left Chi and set out towards adulthood, applying for jobs (some actually getting one already) or finding somewhere to live. Congratulations to all of you with dreams, focus and dare i say it a plan for your lives.

So what have i done in the last two weeks? Same as i have done for years, drink, smoke, watch TV and play on my Xbox. Why should i change instantly after Uni, i've got the rest of my life to get a shitty job and be miserable so why rush into it?

The last 2 weeks contained vast quantities of

- Prison Break - What a quality show this is, only watched season 1 but i'm already in love with it. Only thing is you have too turn your brain off and dribble cos if your don't you'll over think it and realise how stupid it really is.

- Xbox - Been playing Pro Evo 4 almost constantly with bits of Amped and Project Gotham Racing thrown in for good measure, still got Max Payne 2 to start as well. The first thing i did after Uni finished was get down to Gamestation and get all 4 for £10.

- Sleep - Still as much fun as ever

So what have i got planned for next week? Well more of the same really just with Heroes instead of Prison Break.

Oh and the new Megadeth album is much better than i thought it would be, i even like the new version of A Tout Le Monde.

So until we meet again.


James said...

A new version of A Tout Le Monde! Surely once was enough =D

Glad to hear your being as useful as me... I've only managed to apply for one job!

JB said...

Yeah with backing vocals by the Lacuna Coil woman. Its better than it sounds.

Mum rang me to tell bout a job i might want, game tester at rockstar north for 8 months. Now what game might they need testing over the next 8 months.

Application's going in this week

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to take up Prison break now that I'm fully up to date with 24 and waiting for it to come out on dvd. And Heroes too, when it gets to regular telly.
Pro evo is amazing, i can't decide which one is my favourite: 4, 5 or 6. Certainly the 360 version of 6 is a bit shit, but they all own on the ps2. Adriano makes that game. in real life he's a fat lazy cunt. veron is amazing.
Rockstar North eh? You lucky bugger...

Doug said...

the above was by me...

Holly said...

You started watching Heroes yet then? Enjoying it??

JB said...

Finished Heroes a few weeks ago now, Hiro is my new messiah!