Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At Least My Ass Won't Go Numb

Grindhouse Dismantled

Right time for a little rant about something unimportant but still enough to irritate me. I've been looking forward to the film 'Grindhouse' for a while now, it's been out in America since April but i'm used to waiting on stuff to make it here, no big deal.

What is a big deal is when they go messing about with the very thing that makes the film an interesting concept rather than a simple B-Movie. Grindhouse is really 2 movies in one with an intermission and fake trailers in between. Its a celebration of the B-Movie double feature of old that is sadly missing from modern cinemas. However the film tanked at the US box office so to try and rescue the situation Harvey Weinstein in his infinite wisdom has decided to release the films separately in the UK.

Now i don't know about you but i was looking forward to sitting on my ass for 3 hours with a vat of popcorn and a bucket of coke. Unless i find a cinema showing them back to back i ain't going to bother, why should i pay twice to see the whole spectacle just because they need to recoup their losses.

Right rant over.

I should really start my essay now, 3000 words for Friday but before i do i'm gonna give a few of these Zombie Games another go. Oh try this one as well, Zombie Grinder


James said...

It's fucking wank isn't it!?!

There still may be a few double prints doing the art-house rounds but it's not for certain.

Just noticed you've got a link to my music blog on here... maybe I should try updating that as it's been nearly a month!!

But for now I have an essay to write... 1050 words done, minimum 1950 left to go... for tomorrow =(

JB said...

I know how you feel, i have 3000 words to do for Friday that i just can't seem to start.

At least it'll be over this time tomorrow, i've still got another 3500 words to do after this one.

Oh Joy!