Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ready To Uff

Well lets start with a quick thank you to everyone who came to our party at the weekend, it was a bangin night indeed. Too bad we didn't have more parties really.

Anyway i'm in a good mood today, mostly cos i actually feel human again after the party but also because it actually feels like summer now. Ever since i we all started school summer was a big deal, it was time do whatever for 6 weeks but not anymore. This summer i actually have to get a job and become an adult, bollocks!

I've still got a few weeks in Chi to relax like old times starting with the inevitable soundtrack to the summer. It's coming together nicely already (most of it thanks to my brother), here's what i've got so far

Cansei de Ser Sexy - 'Alcohol'
Justice - 'D.A.N.C.E'
Steve Earle - 'Condi, Condi'
David Allan Coe - 'Longhaired Redneck'
Sonny Jim - 'Can't stop moving'
Rebel Meets Rebel - 'Cowboys do more dope'
Gogol Bordello - 'Supertheory of Supereverything'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Sirens'

Anyone got any recommendations?

Here's to the last summer ever


James said...

Since when have you been Ready to Uff!?!?!

Ooh and just to let you know Sonny Jim is at Lounge on the Farm! As are The Bees who I just updated my long neglected music blog with (it's on LJ now as well, account called pae_do_phile) and that I think may be added to your list of summer tracks.

JB said...

I've been ready to Uff since the last time you were on the radio, i had 'Pop the Glock' stuck in my head for weeks after that.

I'm gonna go and check out your blog now.

Alana! said...

Oh blatently Queens of the Stone Age: "feel good hit of the summer" that has summer all over it! Your party was a blast, us guys should all go out for a drink again before you leave... it's gonna suck without you around. :( xxx