Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"There is never enough beer, to keep anyone together"

Just a few new tunes to keep ya'll occupied

The Tossers - Where Ya Been Johnny
Think The Pogues but from Chicago and still making quality music and you've just about got a grasp on The Tossers. This tracks from their latest album 'Agony'.


David Allan Coe - Longhaired Redneck

Outlaw country at its finest, sure he might be a little racist but he's from Texas so what do you expect and anyway it doesn't detract from the quality of his song writing. Although not commercially successful as a recording artist his songs provided hits for many of Nashville's biggest stars. This tune cracks me up every time.


The Fighting Cocks

I can't anything other than what's on their MySpace to pike for free so i might actually have to buy a CD for a change. Looked into them cos they're playing the Lounge on the Farm festival in Canterbury in July that i may or may not be going to. Don't know how to describe them really other than different, you'll have to make up your own mind.


Thats it for now but i might add some more later, so download, enjoy then tell us what you think.

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