Sunday, May 25, 2008

Europop FTW!

For anyone who didn't spend their Saturday night watching the Eurovision song contest shame on you! Like every other year it was mostly full of Euro dross but there was a least one good song and a couple of quality giggles. So here's my top 3 from Eurovision 2008.

France - Sebastien Tellier & The Soul Gospel Singers - 'Divine'

This was the one good song and the first eurovision entry I've heard well before it became the french entry. Far too cool for school and the rest of Europe.

Latvia - Pirates of the Sea - 'Wolves of the Sea'

Pirates are so awesome! This reminds me of the pirate song from Lazytown

Spain - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - 'Baila El Chiki Chiki'

Spain chose their song from entries on MySpace, total Robocop madness!

So that was Eurovision 2008, we came last again. It's about time we wised and realised that we're not gonna win ever again and stop taking it seriously. Along with France and Germany we're in a unique position as because we pay for most of the contest we get automatic entry into the final. So next year there's only one thing we can enter..........GRINDCORE!!!!! But none of this short 30 second grindcore, we need a 10 minute grindcore odyssey. Either that or a random tramp banging a frying pan while serenading a can of special brew, Europe would vote for that.


goldengryffin said...

Haha you just picked the most mental acts for the hell of it, didn't you JB? ;)

Anonymous said...

How the hell can you like Spains entry? I was all like wtf? Latvia on the other hand should have won!

~ alana xx

JB said...

Yes Gryff, yes i did. It's what its all about.

Alana you answered your own question, it was quality because it was all WTF. Well that and about 2 minutes in one of the dancers falls over, not sure if its on purpose or not she's not doing any of the same steps as the others through the whole song.

Anonymous said...

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