Friday, May 23, 2008

Damn Right I Want A Flake

I'm supposed to be a work now but i forgot to set my alarm and woke up 3 hours late. After coming round to the idea of having the day off i set about thinking of what to say when i make the inevitable call to work. Well I've been thinking for a couple of hours and have come to the conclusion that it's too late to call with a plausible excuse, there is no way to explain why i phoning at half one so I'm just not gonna bother. It's over time at a different post office so it's not like i have to go back there so I'm just gonna forget about it.

Fresh from this oh so childish solution to an adult problem it's time i discussed the most difficult part of the transition from childhood to the responsibilities of the adult world. When do you become too old to go charging out the house every time you hear the ice cream mans van. The purveyor of frozen goodies has begun to come round again and every time i hear the little tune there's a split second where I'm prepared to grab my money and fly out the door like i used to but then i stop and get a little sad feeling inside. Eventually i'll give in but instead of spending my pocket money on one single cone i'm gonna have a pocket full of my hard earned cash and i'm gonna stump up for a double cone and a screwball for the cold bubblegum and maybe a moo milk as well.

Good Times!

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