Monday, June 30, 2008


My new hi-fi in all its 1980s glory. It's been baptised with a mixture of 2562, Girl Talk and Hot Club De Paris.

So recently i've been selling a load of my old t-shirts on eBay. Seven have gone already for just over £50. Got another load on now if your interested you can find 'em here i think my auctions.

Well my 6 month contract at the post office ends at the end of July and its kinda in the air if it'll get extended. If it doesn't a clever bit of holiday placement by me will see me finish on the 19th and get paid until the 28th. Applied for another job at the post office but this time in bognor so hopefully that'll be step one towards my inevitable move southwards.

Oh and check out the bitchin' Lou Reed shirt i bought here


goldengryffin said...

Nice t-shirt :]

Ah goodgood remember to drop us all a line when you're down here and we'll get all get smashed or summat. It's such luck that you came to Chi when you did the weather hasn't been as good for so long since.

Laura said...

I love you xx